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Queen Latifah and Jill Scott are returning to Lifetime, this time for a movie about the Flint Water Crisis.

The nation was deeply concerned about the crisis in Flint, Michigan, at the top of 2016 as we learned that politicans had allowed the tap water to be rendered undrinkable. We were shocked to learn how the local government had failed the community. But as the 2016 Presidential Election drew near, national attention was gradually drawn away from Flint–so much so that we were shocked the issue still hadn’t been resolved by December.

Now, Queen Latifah and Jill are calling attention to the matter again. reports that the divas will be starring in Flint, which centers on three women who demanded justice and safe drinking water for the community despite politicians actively working against them.

They will be starring alongside Betsy Brandt and Marin Ireland. Jill will be part of the central cast of women, and Latifah is set to play a fourth unnamed resident.

It’s unclear when the film will premiere at this time. However, Latifah will be pulling double duty for Flint as an executive producer.



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