Tamera Mowry-Housley is opening up about some negativity she has received — and how she isn’t standing for it.

In a new interview for Momtastic, the co-host of The Real gets honest about her interracial marriage with husband Adam Housley.

“I think the criticism is even worse now, with the racial tension that we’re seeing and the political climate,” explains the 38-year-old star, who is biracial. “But my husband, who is so great, said, ‘You know what, Tamera? This is just teaching you to focus on the thousands of people that are for you, as opposed to the very few people who are against you.’ He’s right.”

She adds, “When we first came out publicly as a couple 12 years ago, I remember a few negative comments, such as ‘Never expected her to be with him!’ But I never expected it to reach this degree of criticism as I got older.

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