One of the principal Praise & Worship artists of the millennial generation, with credentials for crossing cultural lines is Martha Munizzi. Her fervent voice and enduring anthems are a part of her artistic ID.
Immortal songs like Because Of Who You Are, God Is Here & Glorious (both made even more popular by Karen Clark Sheard) are songs that have stood the test of time. Martha is unlike any artist in Contemporary Christian music today, which is perhaps part of her unique appeal. 

Her prolonged absence from the artistic stage was cause for concern. Fortunately for her fans and faith-based music lovers, Martha has returned to the recording studio in 2017 and released two solid songs worthy of a worshiper’s repertoire, Fearless & He Has Won, as teasers to a much anticipated album on the horizon. spoke with this noble woman of God about her personal likes, her recess from recording and her passion for pastoring.

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