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Check out the video of Fred Hammond on the Get Up Erica radio show, where he discussed writing his  drama series,  The Choir with co-host GRIFF (Erica was out).  Hammond described the drama series as a “gospel version of “Power,” “Empire,” “Nashville,” and “The Breaks.”

Hammond talked about dealing with “real” issues  that we go through in life and not just the “light” stuff we as Christians like to talk about.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the clip of the drama series, but in the trailer Hammond released back in March,  we see the characters  dealing with everyday issues like depression, sickness, alcohol and drug abuse, exotic dancing, but the message is clear,  no matter the situation, God can find us there and love us out of it.

Hammond said about the series,

This will be a tool that I believe will reaaach waaaay out to those who may think God doesn’t care about them, or God is through with them.

He continued,

The choir will remind you that God will go anywhere and I mean anywhere to come and love you out of your worst situation.

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