A Day With 'Sparkle' Producer T.D. Jakes

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via TheChristianPost:

Christian leaders and entertainers are up in arms after hearing that African migrants in present day are being sold into slavery in Libya, Africa.

Last week, CNN published a report claiming that men are being sold to others to carry out farm work in Libya. The news network shared a video, reportedly filmed in August, that shows an auctioneer selling African migrants for only a few hundred bucks

“Big strong boys,” the man is heard saying in the video. “400 … 700 … 800.”

CNN said the men were sold for just $400 each

Upon seeing the reports and hearing the news, Senior Pastor T.D. Jakes of megachurch The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas made a video of his own, encouraging his friends in ministry to take a stand.

“Nearly a million migrants have fled into Libya and are being sold into slavery, that’s atrocious!” Jakes said. “For the price of $400, a person loses their future, dignity, their pride and sometimes their life

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