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The summer is almost here and today is the perfect day to start your new fitness journey. It only takes a few key initial steps to get started. Don’t believe me? Just watch!

Check out these 6 quick ways to start trekking toward your summer body goals:

Say No To Fried Food, Chips Included

Yes, I know, I know. Me too! I will miss it dearly but believe me, it will be completely worth it when you’re flexin’ on the gram in that new body later. Fries are tempting and so are those late-night cravings for salt and vinegar chips, but you have to cross the line somewhere. Hit yourself hard where you know for a fact you’re eating wrong.

Throw Out Sweet Packaged Foods

This includes your favorite Little Debbie’s, oatmeal pies, cookies, candy, gas-station goods like quick granola bars, and yes homemade sweets too! If it didn’t grow, it doesn’t go!

Drink Water Only

Water is a beautiful element. It’s pure, filling and refreshing. Drink it, and lots of it. Say no to the sweet teas, lemonades, flavored liquors, milkshakes, and sugary drinks.

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