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Everywhere I turn, I see that 1 Gallon A Day of Water should be what people strive to. So where is what 1 gallon of water a day, really does to your body.

During my research, the first thing I found was that I needed to point out that drinking too much water too fast can lead to water intoxication. That happens when you intake more than your kidneys can expel, which would be gallons and gallons of water in a short amount of time.

Here are 5 things that water does to your body.

1. Cut Off Unnecessary Calories.

When you are drinking more water you are

eliminating the opportunity to intake calories from other beverages such as soda and unhealthy juices. You are also snacking less because you are full from all of the water.

2. Urnate + Increase Digestion

You are peeing more because of your water intake. What that is doing on a more scientific level is removing the excess sodium in your body. We talk a lot about the peeing but in reality, it will help with your entire digestion system. You will become regular in both number 1 & number 2

3. Better Workouts

Staying hydrated will increase your workouts. The rule of thumb is to drink frequently two hours before your workout, every 20 minutes during and directly afterward to keep your body properly hydrated. Ultimately, water helps to hydrate the cells and works within your body to create an energy reserve

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