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via Hallels:

Bryan Andrew Wilson is writing a new career chapter with an urban music-inspired EP, This Time (Bryan’s Songs/The Orchard:, which recently reached No. 2 on Billboard’s Top Singles sales chart. The spiritual soul singer put aside the ballads he’s known for such as “Turning Away” and brought a hard-hitting urban rhythm to the title track.

“So many people are leaving church because of the hypocrisy of church leaders,” Wilson adds. “People are quick to pass judgement and gossip when they don’t know your story or how you came to be in the condition, they find you in. The church is supposed to be the hospital for the sick but too often we’re telling the sick that they have no insurance, so go away. This song is about shaking off the naysayers and giving yourself your God-granted second chance. I sing that ‘This time, I’m gonna love harder, I’m gonna be smarter.’ That’s a message that anyone can embrace whether they go to church or not.”

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