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Do something, just don’t do anything” is a quote used by many to start whatever plan, program, diet, business or venture they are trying to start. It’s a call to action when you know you need to act, but you want to make the right move.

That was true for health and beauty influencer Janielle Wright, who at 337 pounds, was afraid she would die. Her body was in pain and she had trouble breathing at night.

“I was going to sleep worried that I wouldn’t wake up the next morning,” Wright told NBC News BETTER. “This is no way to live thinking you’re going to die because you’re overweight and you’re unhealthy,”

She was also afraid that she wouldn’t live to see her 3-year-old daughter, Novah, grow up. That was when the beautiful Ms. Wright realized something had to change.

This time last year all I did was cry I was EXTREMELY depressed & scared for my life I would lay in bed looking at my daughter sleeping thinking is this the last time I’m going to see her 😔 I didn’t want to leave her I didn’t want to die so I made a choice I chose LIFE! Thank you Jesus who will never leave me nor forsake me,” she posted on Instagram.

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