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Cedar Point fans have been buzzing with anticipation for the park’s 150th season celebration next year.

Rumors have ranged from new coasters to nostalgic food and characters from the past making a return.

Though the park has remained tight-lipped on its plans for the year-long festivities, General Manager and Vice President Jason McClure hinted at one new attraction planned for 2020.

During an interview with WKYC’s Will Ujek on Wednesday, McClure stifled rumors of a mega roller coaster, noting that any major ride addition would already be under construction in the park for preparation for next summer.

But McClure did reveal that some sort of new ride will be added in time for the 150th season.

“It’d be weird to have an anniversary without some kind of ride,” he said.

The park will also ask visitors for their feedback on the 150th season. This summer, park goers can weigh in on retro items and pieces of nostalgia they’d like to see.

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