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Do you remember filling out job application after job application and waiting for someone to call you back?

Those days could soon be in the past.

A Cleveland-made app is changing the way young people apply for jobs and land an interview.

“You kind of get, a lot of times, lost in communication,” says 16-year-old Davionne Stewart.

“I’m happy that I found the app because it was like a streamline straight to the job.”

This week Stewart started her job at the Chick-fil-A inside Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

“We’re seeing so many different developments in many areas of life why not in the application process, especially how we communicate today, which is mostly via mobile phones,” says Peerro Founder Rachel Angel.

Users, ages 16-24, create a profile and with the zip code provided, there is a list of jobs to scroll through.

The app will show progress bars for each job listing and those bars represent how close you are to interviewing for that position.

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