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At the age of 52, Veronica Rex was put behind bars.

The Philadelphia native and grandmother of nine was arrested last year after disarming an armed man in a bar where she worked—unaware that the man had a license to carry a firearm. After he filed a complaint several days later, Rex was arrested; her bail set at $50,000. It seemed all but likely she would miss the funeral of her son, who had recently passed away.

“I was ripped away from my children and grandchildren with few resources or support,” Rex told The Root.

Then the National Bail Out collective, a group of dozens of black-led criminal justice organizations, lawyers, and activists across the country, got wind of Rex’s case and began organizing to set her free. It was part of a larger campaign, one held each year since 2017: Black Mamas Bail Out, a nationwide effort to free black mothers from jail so they can spend Mother’s Day home with their families.

Within a week, Rex’s bail had been paid by the collective—just in time for her to attend her son’s funeral.

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