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The State of Ohio is officially dropping their health orders on June 2, including the requirements of wearing masks.

One ice cream parlor in Northeast Ohio, though, is making some modifications despite the changes that are coming in the state.

Mootown Creamery in Berea, though its owner Angela Brooks, has announced there will continue to be some requirements with masks and any facial coverings.

This comes after Mootown made news over how its customers had been treating employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

Now, nearly a year later, the shop is planning to keep its mask requirements even past the date Ohio’s health orders expire.

There were reports that mentioned customers “will be required to wear a mask in the store even after the June 2 expiration of the state’s COVID-19 health orders.”

However, Brooks and Mootown later took to the Creamery’s Facebook page to clarify and correct the changes regarding mask and facial covering requirements.

The popular ice cream place will go by “the Ohio guidelines and will lift the mask requirement on June 2nd,”

Employees, though, “will continue to mask for a while longer.”

Here is the Facebook post in full:

This should bring some relief to customers who were not happy over the mask policy.

Last year, Mootown made news for its customers “lashing out at” its employees for “taking out their anger and frustration” of the mask and facial covering requirements and Brooks defending her staff, who were primarily high school and college students who were working to help out the business:

But despite some of the customers’ anger, the shop received even more support from the community and has been able to navigate business through the pandemic.

“I think that experience last year really showed us how supportive Berea is and the community around us. And it was really a great lesson to see the love and support around them,” says Brooks on the outpouring of support and she and the Creamery received.

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