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Doorbells with video cameras on them are a good way to protect your home, and even double as a way to make sure your packages remain safely on your doorstep.

It turns out post offices need video cameras in their facilities just as much as we need them at our house. A sad but true reality as the holiday season quickly approaches.

This story was originally reported by FOX 8.

Brandon Monteal Williams, of Euclid, stole a bunch of high-end merchandise in wrapped deliveries from the post office in Brooklyn, Ohio. Williams took anything from tennis shoes to iPhones, and according to the report his thefts totalled nearly $9000 in stolen merch.

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The scariest part, perhaps, is that Williams is only one of a group of criminals who’ve been proven to be picking through our mail.


That includes five pairs of “high-valued sneakers” totaling about $1,949, nine Apple iPhones valued at about $6,049 and one $800 Samsung Galaxy phone, according to his indictment filed Thursday. Williams is also charged with embezzling up to $1,000 from the postal service itself between February and March.

Williams faces counts of theft of mail by a postal employee and misappropriation of postal funds.

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People work too hard and things cost too much money for someone to simply just take it! Personally, I hope these folks involved get the book thrown at them. Perhaps a stiff punishment will be enough to deter future would-be thieves because crimes like this are extremely aggravating.

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