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Faith Walking: Give God a Blind Yes

St. Jude Radiothon 2024
faith walking

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So for today’s faith walk, I want to talk about something that can be a little unnerving. And that’s when that God asked you to do something that you’ve never done before and never seen be done before. You know, kind of like making a boat like Noah, you know, or like, becoming king and you’re just a kid, like David or writing a song that’s not a traditional gospel song. Knowing that people are not going to like it, but God ordained. It and called you to do it sometimes what God was requiring of you is a blind. 


Yes, a yes without all the details. Without the specific instructions I often talk about the scripture where where God told Moses go to a place that I will show you. That means he hadn’t seen it. Yet do you have that kind of faith? Is your faith big enough to go even when you don’t know all the specifics? I’m always grateful because God don’t have to warn me up. And then it’s my job to say yes and to lean into what I know to be true about God. He is sovereign, he’s in control. He knows my beginning from my end, so I can give him my yes. And even if what he’s called me to is uncomfortable and a little painful or even a little frustrating and overwhelming, he wouldn’t call me to it if I wasn’t equipped for it, right? He wouldn’t put more on the on me then. 




I could be it then God thinks I can handle it for you. Something that I would pray when I felt the weight being too heavy outside. Just give me a little bit of what you think because I don’t, I don’t feel that way. I don’t, I don’t see it that way. Give me a little bit of what you think because I think this is going to crush me. It feels like it’s going to take me down, father, but if he wouldn’t put more on me than I can bear, then that means I can handle it. And I can give him a yes anyhow. 


You know, we have so many songs. Yes, lower from the bottom of my heart. You know most cogic churches. In yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Lord. Maybe you have to say that today. Maybe you have to learn to say yes. Maybe you have to learn. I want us all to learn to surrender. Learn to surrender to the father. Because you can’t walk into your destiny saying no. You’ve got to say yes, so let’s give him a yes, even if it’s a blind one. 


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