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Ohio students may soon have to get used to not having access to their cell phones during school hours.

House Bill 25 just passed through the statehouse with no votes against it. If signed by the governor (which is expected), the Department of Education and Workforce will create a new cell phone and social media policy for students.

However, schools will also have the ability to create their own cell phone policies. This could lead to the banishment of smartphones and social media use for students during school hours.

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has recently expressed his interest in banning cell phone use for students during school days.

From FOX 8:

Less than one month before the bill’s passage, Gov. Mike DeWine did advocate for cell phone bans in schools.

In a statement, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said he “commends” the action the legislature took on Wednesday.

DeWine has 10 days, once he receives the bill, to decide whether he will sign it into law or veto it. If he does sign it into law, it will take effect 90 days later.

To read the entire FOX 8 report CLICK HERE.

If DeWine signs the bill into law it could take effect in as little as 90 days.

Do you think it’s a good idea for Ohio students to not have access to their cell phones during school?


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