Jada Pinkett Smith lost her grandmother earlier this week, and she turned to Facebook to share her feelings on death … and life. Read the letter that was posted on her Facebook page below.

Shirley H. Pinkett died last night. She is my grandmother. She was 79.

If there is one thing I have learned about death it is that it is a great revealer. When I woke up this morning I was heartbroken in realizing how much time I waste on NONSENSE. It dawned on me that all we leave behind are…memories. Every moment, every interaction, every word is a creation of a memory.

The memories I want to leave behind should be those that mirror the deepest expression of my soul but in order to do so we must be true. That is easier said then done. Ultimately…the memories we leave behind should reflect how hard we loved and how much we were loved in return. Those memories should mark all we were willing to die for and LIVE for. I pray to leave memories behind so strong, they are tangible enough that those I loved can hold them and be comforted and STRENGHTHED by them.

Last night I lost my grandmother and that loss reminded me to be careful with the positions I take with people I say I love. It reminded me of the necessity to continue to explore and expand my concepts of love and live up to the standards I discover. It reminded me not to take myself, my loved ones or my situation for granted. Most importantly… it reminded me that no matter what we are going through…we are ALIVE! That means…blessings await Grab them…and let’s spend more time working toward the miracles we are in this short amount of time we have been given. Love deeply today…

Thank you for being there… Jada

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