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Want to lose weight and keep it off? Try being integral with yourself. Yep, good ol’-fashioned self-honesty can really do what millions of fad diets won’t.

But be warned – “That’ll get the first 10 pounds off,” yet it’s not the end of the road, explains evangelist and gospel singer Juanita Bynum. She says that most dieters fail because they don’t keep their word to themselves.

“You can’t sit back and say ‘I’m going to be a great dancer’ and you’re on the couch eating doughnuts every day, because you’re lying to yourself,” says Bynum, 52, adding that you have to press on and meet the goal. And she ought to know Over the past eight months, Bynum’s quietly shed 30 pounds, dropping from a size 16 to her current size 8. And she isn’t done. The prophetess, who now weighs 150 pounds now, is 15 pounds away from her goal weight of 135, which would fit her 5-foot-4-inch frame into a size 6. Just after starting her new plan, Bynum was diagnosed with diabetes, which prompted her to want to lose that last 15 pounds.

Bynum’s desire to return to her “original health status” fueled her initial decision to lose weight. When she was in her 20s, Bynum spent a decade as a strict vegetarian, abstaining from eating meat and dairy-products, and felt her healthiest.

“I felt more alert and more in tune with my body and what I was putting into my body,” shares Bynum, who’s led a fairly active life and never struggled with weight before.

She’s currently not a vegan, and because of a contractual agreement with the publisher of her health and wellness book due out later this year, she would only say, “I’m just very, very conscious of what I put in my body and how much of it I put in my body.”

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