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Friendship is what makes us better people. We see it everyday around us. Snoop Dogg  and Nate Dogg are examples of strong friendships and what works well.  Snoop’s tweet about the untimely passing of  Nate Dogg  last night. You can read  the pain. It is working on having a friendship that last through the years that is work.

Snoop tweeted of his friend “We lost a true legend n hip hop n rnb. One of my best friends n a brother to me since 1986.”I miss u cuzz I am so sad but so happy I got to grow up wit u and I will c u again n heaven cuz u know d slogan all doggs go to heaven.”

We all hope to have a strong friendship. Building lasting friendships  is something most of spend a lifetime trying to build. We recall with fondness the days when we “pinky swore we would be friends “forever”. As you get older, you often let time, life and grudges separate us from people. We grow hardened and indifferent. That is not living a quality of life. We should strive to build friendships that will last a foster our sense of  growth, ambition and livelihood.

Here are just a few steps to get you started.

1-Focus on the Positive -Healthy friendships begin with a focus on the positive. See the good in friends and the things they do. Try to talk more about good things in life. Also, try not to complain or whine about something incessantly to a friend just because she is willing to listen. Non-stop complaining can be draining and serve no purpose at times.

2-Listen -Having friends mean giving each other help and support when it is needed. So listen with care when a friend has a genuine problem and needs a helping hand..

3-Give Friends Their Own Space- Healthy friendships are not judged by the amount of time the friends spend together. Even best friends don’t have to be together or talk to each other all the time. Give friends their own space.

4-Avoid Competition with Friends- Real friends don’t really care what the others have or how much money the others earn. They are friends because they enjoy one another’s company, not because they want to be the one with the most of everything – the biggest house, nicest car, smartest kids, richest husband, and so on — among the “friends.” Avoid competition with friends and don’t let jealousy come between good friends.

5-Have Different Friends for Different Occasions- A person’s life is so much richer if she has different friends for different occasions. After all, people shouldn’t rely only one particular friend for companionship. Form healthy friendships with different groups of people. Have a workout buddy, traveling companion, party pal and older friend as a mentor.

6- Create Time In Your Schedule to see Your Friends No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t make time for them. Book an appointment that never changes.

7- Be understanding. Try to understand that not everything will go your way. Lasting friendships develop through change and compromise.

8- Be Loyal. Be the person that is always a friend through the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a gift from God when you have someone who always has your back

Friends are important to everyone. They improve  health and enrich the lives of others. To build and maintain healthy friendship, try to focus on the positive, listen with care, give friends their own space, avoid competition with friends and have different friends for all occasions.

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