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Being a teen has never been easy. But it seems that today, it’s more difficult than ever before. From the social pressure of creating “Instagrammable-moments” to the disappointment that comes when not enough “likes” roll in, today’s tech culture poses challenges unseen just a decade ago.

Amid this reality, speaker and best-selling author Chrystal Evans Hurst is encouraging young women to celebrate their unique, God-given identity and remember that they are loved, valued, and accepted by the Creator of the universe.

“From comparison to temptation, girls are constantly faced with challenges today,” Hurst told The Christian Post. “But we are creatures who are designed by God and uniquely made, and we need to own that instead of comparing ourselves to others. Understand that your personality will continue to develop and change, but that unique personality you have is God-given and it’s never too early to start pouring yourself into who God has designed you to be.”

Hurst, the oldest daughter of author and Pastor Tony Evans, recently released her new book, Show Up for Your Life: What the Girl You’ll Be Tomorrow Wants You to Know Today, along with a discussion guide for mothers and daughters.

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