via BlackDoctor: February is American Heart Month! This month’s health awareness is a good reminder to focus on your heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, however, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. Keep reading to learn how you […]

via BlackDoctor: When it comes to your health, bigger isn’t always better. In the Black community, we love our hips, curves and extra junk in the trunk. It’s naturally on us and beautifully a part of our genetic make-up. However, when is it too much? What is the cut-off point of excess weight? In the […]

via BlackDoctor: What’s the best city in the U.S. for wellbeing? The answer may surprise you. Recently, Women’s Healthand Yelp revealed “America’s ‘Wellthiest’ Cities.” Based on a six-month, research-based partnership to determine the best cities for overall quality-of-life across the United States, the findings offer a little something for everyone looking for a change of scenery – […]

Got fiber? Love it or hate it, dietary fiber or roughage is an essential part of a healthy diet. Although much harder to tally than counting calories, according to study findings, increasing your daily fiber intake by 10g can cut your risk of premature death by 10%. Help Take Control Of Your Health Today With […]

getty images Erica Campbell‘s new segment, Healthy Ever After, promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing tips on new ways to prepare healthy meals. Today’s guest is 11-year-old Krista Campbell, Erica’s adorable daughter, who decided this summer that she was going to change her eating and lifestyle habits in order to be a healthier person. There […]

Raising awareness around the risk of diabetes in the black community is very personal for Joseph Simmons aka Rev. Run and his wife, Justine Simmons. After discovering that both of their families have a history of type 2 diabetes, the pair decided to take action. So they partnered with leading diabetes care organization, Novo Nordisk and […]

Everyone loves a nice, long, relaxing vacation, right? But, like the holidays, vacations have become synonymous with gaining weight. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep those extra pounds far, far away. If you’re planning for a vacation in the near future and want to stay fit and healthy, then you’re definitely […]

Your kidneys probably aren’t getting enough attention. Most of the 26 million American adults that have kidney disease don’t know it, and African-Americans are three times more likely to experience kidney failure. “It’s a silent killer, it has very few symptoms, and most people find out that they have kidney disease when they’re in the […]

If you are like me, you love pop and juice. Juice is definitely something that my fridge can’t ever be without. The problem with this, it’s a setup for failure! I find myself binging on all things sugary!  Lately, I have been really trying to figure out how to cut back on my need for […]

  North Carolina pastor Richard Joyner started a network of gardens in his community to grow healthy food for church members and locals. A member of a North Carolina Baptist church is now able to reduce his daily intake of medication thanks to a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables provided by his pastor. Pastor […]

Man oh man, it must be wedding season! Not only am I being invited to weddings left and right with all these new engagements popping up, but it’s that time of year where everyone has one! It’s just like me to have set out a new diet plan for myself, and then have to battle […]