mother’s day

  It seems like every mom has something they are known for. Whether it’s an apple pie or simply being generous and loving.  AV asks callers…

As we shift our attention to Mother’s Day, Bishop Secular says everyone needs to do something special for the one that gave birth to them. Listen to the…

  Dear Kids, Mother’s Day is upon us again, and television would have you think that we, female parents, are interested in things that most of us would gladly go without. 1. Jewelry. I don’t know about you, but I spend 90 percent of my time in black yoga pants. The other 10 percent is spent […]

An Atlanta mother got a late Mother’s Day gift that was surely worth the wait. SEE ALSO: Brooklyn Teacher Fined $10K For Making Third Grader…

  Shots fired during an informal Mother’s Day afternoon parade in New Orleans injured 19 people, two of them children, police said Sunday. The wounded included 10 men and seven women as well as a boy and a girl, both 10. Remi Braden, director of public affairs for the New Orleans Police Department, said there […]

  Raspy-voiced choir director Kirk Franklin got around his limited vocal ability by channeling ideas through other singers, and repackaging gospel music with mainstream sensibilities. During the ’90s the Ft. Worth songwriter put his hype man ad libs on rousing praise anthem hits like “Stomp” and “Revolution,” and paved a path for new gospel artists […]

  On Mother’s Day millions of moms will receive gifts to make them smile. But according to First Lady Michelle Obama, the mothers of the three Ohio women who were rescued yesterday is the best present their mothers could have hoped to receive. In an interview with Kelly Wallace of iVillage for NBC, following her “American Grown” […]

  Dr. Maya Angelou, one of the nation’s greatest national treasures appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning to discuss her new book“Mom, Me and Mom.” It’s yet another of the sweeping series of autobiographical books that Angelou has released over the years, including her classic “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” Here in […]

  Steve Harvey has never been one to hide his emotions. That’s something viewers of his self-titled daytime talk show know well. Back in January, producers gave Harvey a birthday surprise by reuniting him with a long lost friend, and that moment left the comedian-turned-actor-turned-host in tears – lots of tears. On the May 6 episode […]

Hardworking moms, Tina and Erica Campbell of WE tv’s Mary Mary, are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day by bringing moms and daughters together. In partnership with African Pride Hair Care, the two will host a conversation and pampering session. Plus, the ladies are giving their top 2 tips for moms. When it comes to raising […]

A few days ago at the White House, as military families enjoyed a Mother’s Day celebration in the chandeliered East Room, Michelle Obama offered praise for their sacrifice and service to America. And then, scanning the sea of guests, the first lady took a few moments to publicly cheer someone else: her mother, Marian Robinson, […]