via TheChristianPost: When Louie Giglio, founder of Passion, began graduate school at Baylor University, he found himself watching many of the high school students he had previously ministered to enter college and almost immediately abandon their faith. “I saw the students who had been in our ministry in the summer … arrive at Baylor […]

It seems as if nearly everyone is yelling, protesting and angry about something! Why is the world so upset and agitated? With all of the mean tweets, political polarization, religious dogma and brash behavior we see on the daily, you can almost feel the tension in every room among strangers. But is this what God […]

Passion   The popular worship series Passion will be releasing a greatest hits called The Essential Collectionon November 11. The album will feature 15 songs, seven music videos, and have four talks from the Passion Movement in a CD/DVD box set. The sermons will be by founder Louie Giglio. Passion has sold over 1.5 million […]

The Cosbys don’t have jack on my family. I’m young, Black and very middle class. Plus, I have the three B’s — babies, bling (on the ring finger) and body (yep, still rocking a size 8). I’ve been happily married for almost a decade. I have the lovely house I’ve always imagined. I have a […]