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via TheChristianPost:

When Louie Giglio, founder of Passion, began graduate school at Baylor University, he found himself watching many of the high school students he had previously ministered to enter college and almost immediately abandon their faith.

“I saw the students who had been in our ministry in the summer … arrive at Baylor (a Baptist school) and check their faith on day two,” Giglio said on a recent Essential Church podcast.

“These are kids that were on the mission trip, were leading out in the ensemble, were the stars of the church, second day in, put it (faith) on a hook on the wall — ‘I am going to go to the party this weekend, I’m going to check out the scene … I’m going to sleep through church on Sunday and nobody’s going to know.’

It was at that point that Giglio realized that the influences of a student’s life — including parental, church, school, and coaches — all came to a halt during one’s college years.

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