So we are now coming to the end of National Bully Prevention month, now what? Where do we go from here?

Dr Phil has talked about it; he’s even had bullies on his show. The VIEW had the little boy who was bullied then videotaped on their show. They brought big time football players on to make him feel better, gave him tickets to games, etc, brought national attention to the little boy’s plight. One player I remember even told him that they, would be his big brothers. All well and good, but now what, where do we go from here?

Sometimes I read these stories and they break my heart. I hear my own story within these stories.

I share my story with those mothers and fathers who are left to deal with the carnage created by those kids who bully and their parents who are in complete denial of the damage their children have caused.

My rage is at the parents who revel in the fact that their children are well liked, let’s call them the “popular” kids. Those “popular” kids love to make the not so” popular” kids lives miserable.

I remember dealing with a father on the phone whose son had been bullying my son for years. On the advice of the school, when my son finally stood up and fought against his tormentors, I had a conversation with the bully dad.

BTW public schools are failing with this problem.

“What’s the big deal, all kids call each other names,” he said. I knew this conversation would be going nowhere. Now, I live in a so called diverse, progressive, wonderful community, with a great school system, where black, white, live together in so-called harmony…(yawn)

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