Ohio officials say the freak October snowstorm in the Northeast was a lesson for Ohioans to start getting ready for winter.

Executive Director Nancy Dragani with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency says now is the time to winterize homes and vehicles, before the first big snowfall hits the state.

Gov. John Kasich has declared this week Ohio’s Winter Safety Awareness Week. Officials say homes, schools, businesses and organizations should review safety plans and stock disaster supply kits to prepare for the possibility of snow and ice storms that can cause lengthy power outages. Dragani says in a statement that families should store several days’ worth of food and water.

Last month’s storm along the East Coast left millions of people in the dark, some for over a week.

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Winter Preparedness Checklist:

Winter transportation can mean ice, snow, and hazardous roads. Road conditions can change in an instant. Before traveling, give cars a winter preparedness exam:

Check antifreeze

Check and replace older batteries

Remember to keep the gas tank near full to avoid freezing water in the fuel line

Check tires and spare tire for proper inflation

Make sure automobiles contain the following emergency supplies:

Bag of sand, road salt or non-clumping cat litter. The bag’s extra weight means better traction, and the contents can be spread under slipping tires.

Ice scraper

Jumper cables

Small shovel (to dig snow away from wheels, or scatter sand on roadway)

Tire chains (every driver should practice putting them on)

Flares or reflective triangle to warn other motorists if you break down


Flashlight and batteries

Gallon jug of drinking water

First aid kit

When traveling by car, include emergency food and clothing for each traveler. Pack supplies in a backpack in case you need to abandon your car.

An emergency backpack should include:

Jacket, hat, gloves and sturdy, snow-proof boots for each traveler

Nonperishable food

Cellular phone


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