A local church is doing a sermon series involving what Jesus would say to various celebrities. The signboard asks the question, What would Jesus say to….

Alec Baldwin.

Tom Cruise.

Rosie O’Donnell.


In the real world I would likely not say any of those things except maybe the “you rock” to Bono. But I was wondering if what Jesus would say to a celebrity is the right question to ask? I am pretty good at figuring out what Jesus would say to others. I have an amazing ability to hear a sermon and wonder if Congregant A is hearing this? Or to shake my head and think, “Man, does Congregant B need to hear that!”

But the question I need to be asking is what Jesus would say to Dave? That is where I get less comfortable and a bit more reserved. My fantasy conversation with Jesus happens (surprise) at Starbucks. The first question would be be WWJO. What would Jesus order? After we answered that vital question I imagined the conversation would go something like this…

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