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Sometimes, when I read black magazines, blogs, and websites, I almost get sick to my stomach about the kinds of things I see. I constantly notice stories about black women not being able to find a man; the light skin versus dark skin wars; negative statistics about people of color that paint a picture of how unhealthy we are, and how we are worse off than our “white counterparts.” Can we get some uplifting content, please?

I know there are serious situations and issues—some discouraging—unique and pervasive in the African American community, but do we have to constantly zone in on what’s wrong?

As a black woman of faith, I don’t want to be inundated with junk and negativity. I don’t want to constantly be told everything that is “wrong” with me and all the hindrances inherent in black culture. I want to hear some good news, an optimistic perspective, and some valuable information that will help me grow as a human being.

Tell me about how I can overcome challenges. Encourage me to believe in myself. Highlight my beauty, not my flaws. Share stories of other uplifting people. And if something terrible is going on, it’s alright to discuss it, as long as generalizations about our entire culture are not made. Don’t let one or two bad apples in the bunch make news headlines; then we’re all guilty by association.

All these inflammatory trash stories, only designed to start controversy for attention, need to go. I know I might sound aggravated. That’s because I am. And for those who think I am just needlessly complaining about my desire for more positivity, I have a scripture to back me up on this one.

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