In a recent interview with Jet Magazine, David and Tamela Mann gave an inside look into their marriage and professional relationship. Being the husband and wife comedy team of stage and screen, they live and work together 24/7. The Manns are the ideal example of a relationship built on God and love. They also gave five great tips for lovers.

  • Confide in Somebody – Get couples counseling before and during the marriage / relationship
  • Be Good to each other – Women should be their man’s support and never take bites at him, since the world already does that. Men should constantly let her know and show that she is the only one in the world for you.
  • What’s Yours is Ours – Don’t have separate bills -“if the lights get turned off, you both are in the dark”
  • The Pleasure Principle – Avoid a formal sex schedule but make sure both are satisfied constantly.
  • Mix it up – Give your spouse a new person each day. Example: Change your look, change your hair. Keep their eyes on you. Work hard to keep impressing each other.

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