On Thursday, January 16, there were teams of officers patrolling, keeping a look out for rowdy teens.

Although there was an increase in the number of officers, that didn’t totally discourage troublemakers; police still had to make several arrests.

The square has been a trouble spot time and again with crowds of kids after school, and sometimes they’ve turned violent. In fact, on Monday, 17-year-old Thomas Black was attacked for no apparent reason. And Wednesday, there was more trouble.

So Cleveland police, RTA police, and school district officers took back Public Square. They patrolled on foot, in cars, with dogs, and on horseback.

One might think that would keep everybody on their best behavior. But again, officers still ended up hauling away several teens.

So how long will this extra presence last? Cleveland Police aren’t saying. They simply released a statement saying they will add officers “as needed.”

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