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The officers showed up at the home just outside of Kansas City and knocked on the door.

As his two children looked on, the father answered and heard the officers exclaim, “You’re under arrest.” Then they took Tony Dungy to jail.

Yes, the ex-Bucs and Colts coach and all-around good guy revealed he once spent three hours in jail after failing to pay a $5 traffic citation.

“Suddenly, paying the five dollars seemed like a good idea,” Dungy wrote in Uncommon Marriage, a book he co-wrote with his wife, Lauren, and Nathan Whitaker.

In a book that largely offers advice overcoming challenges and maintaining a strong marriage by relying on Christian values, the Dungys chose to include Tony’s arrest because it shows how they managed to get through difficult moments.

Dungy, who worked for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1988-1991, was pulled over by an officer near his Overland Park, Kan., home after a particularly late night at the office. With the streets empty, Dungy felt certain he had committed no violation and believed the officer targeted him because of his race.

He appealed, and the judge reduced the citation to $5. As a matter of principle, Dungy appealed again. However, he forgot about the issue during the busy season and the arrest ensued.

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