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ACHIEVEMENT: The beneficiary of an online fundraising campaign now is committed to making college affordable for other homeless teens.

“It makes me feel very happy, because I know that although the world may seem like a harsh and cold place, there are some people out there that care and want to give to those in need,” James Ward said after the 2013 #HomelesstoHoward crowdfunding campaign launched by his longtime mentor, Jessica Sutherland, raised money to cover the formerly homeless teen’s first-year expenses at Howard University.


Filmmaker Frida Perez grew up loving TV and movies, thanks mainly to her immigrant parents, who came from the Dominican Republic.

“They always took us to the movies because it was a chance for them to listen to English and start learning it more easily,” she said. “When I got older I realized I could actually make these [movies]. It’s not that crazy.”

When she was 14, she attended a filmmaking program at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. After a screening of her first project—a documentary-style film in which she asked strangers in Union Square if they had one wish, what would it be?—Perez was hooked. “Seeing everybody react to my movie was the best feeling in the world, so after that I’ve always been trying to chase that feeling and keep making movies.”

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