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Nicole Franklin decided that it was time that young Black males had a chance to communicate their feelings about love. So she headed to one of the most unloving cities in the U.S. – Camden, N.J. a crime-ridden city just outside of Philadelphia. While there she filmed boys 9-13 years old to ask them questions that they don’t usually get asked – about their feelings, their emotions and most of all about who they love, who loves them and if and how they see their futures.

Although the crew was attacked the first day they shot in Camden, they forged, on giving little Black boys a chance for a voice, something they are denied in most of  our culture, from fiction to entertainment.

Little Brother is expected to be a 10-part series four years in the making. Shoots have already taken place in Chicago, IL, St. Petersburg, FL and Muskogee, OK. 50 small screenings have already taken place around the country, mostly for fraternities and churches.

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