President Obama now has his hands full as the father of two teenage daughters. His and the First Lady Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha is growing up fast and just turned 13. Sasha entered the White House at the age of 7, the youngest member of the first family since John F. Kennedy’s toddler children, 3-year-old Caroline and 1-year-old John Jr. She and older sister Malia, 15, have been praised for keeping their poise under the spotlight and have earned props for their fashion-forward ways.

With so much influence around them (music, the internet, reality shows, etc), how can we as parents prepare our teens to also be positioned for success? Here’s 5 tips for every parent of teenagers:

1. Teach Them to Be Good Communicators

Encourage kids to understand that what they say and do – positive and negative – can profoundly affect others around them.

Help them develop talk to empathy and see if they can understand how others feel.

2. Help Them Develop Strategies for Making Decisions

Learning how to evaluate risk is so important in the teenage years when they’ll be confronted many times with the need to use problem-solving skills

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