Dining out is convenient and fun, but it’s no secret that it can put a hurting on your wallet and your waistline. One of the easiest and best pieces of weight loss advice is to cook more meals at home. Cooking at home is not only easier on the budget, but can be safer because you know every ingredient going into the dishes you make. To make this a truly healthy habit, avoid these common cooking no-no’s that can put on unwanted pounds.

1. Overdoing the Oil

Having your foods swim in olive oil or coconut oil isn’t healthier than having them swim in a skillet of butter. Healthy fats still come with calories that can quickly add up. When cooking with oils, use only enough to keep your food from sticking to the pan. Try putting your oil in a spray bottle to make it easier.

2. Using the WRONG Oil

When heated beyond their smoke point, some oils can produce toxins, free radicals (linked to cancer) and “bad” trans fats. Olive oil burns at high temperatures, so it is more ideal for salad dressing. For high temperature grilling and baking, try grapeseed, sunflower or coconut oils, which have higher smoke points.

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