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The violence erupting in Ferguson, Missouri over an unarmed 18-year-old man being gunned down by a police officer hits a little too close to home for Victor Key.  His 18-year-old brother was shot and killed by a police officer in Shaker Heights four years ago.

“My brother was probably doing some stuff that he wasn’t supposed to be doing, but I don’t think they should have shot him down. He was a young kid, 18 years old. I think the situation could have been handled better,” said Key.

Key came to a town hall meeting at Angie’s in Cleveland looking to make a difference.  A diverse group of young black professionals; some students, some just wanting to stop the violence, organizing because it wasn’t that long ago we had a similar incident that sparked protests.

Nearly two years ago this November, more than one hundred shots were fired into a car after a police chase that ended in a school parking lot in East Cleveland.  Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell were unarmed and shot close to two dozen times each.

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