Losing weight can be challenging, especially for those who haven’t taken on the task before.  There are a ton of weight loss programs, workout routines and gimmicks that can make any person unsure of what works for them. If confusion has set in on how to jump start weight loss, take a look at these simple tips to get on track to dropping the extra pounds and shaping up.

Add more water to diet

Dehydration can cause water retention leading to bloating and overeating.  Oftentimes when people feel hungry it is a result of inadequate hydration levels that need to be met. Drinking a glass of water at the top of the morning jump starts metabolism to keep energy levels stable and the burning of calories consistent.  Staying hydrated during the day will maintain healthy levels of sodium and maintain the body’s overall balance.  This simple step can produce weight loss results in as little as a few days.

Reduce portions

Reducing portion sizes is the most effective way to jump start weight loss and to keep weight off.  By moderating the amount of calories consumed at one time, you give your body time to properly use the nutrients from the foods eaten.  Eating six small, balanced meals a day every three hours with small snacks in between will give metabolism the boost it needs to burn off calories.

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