One year ago I took a major stance on my health and became a vegetarian (who also eats fresh water fish). I took up yoga and even brought back my favorite childhood hobby – rollerskating. Many who have been raised in the south are familiar with soul food, sweet teas, crispy chicken, etc. This was the food I grew up on and was accustomed to. Now since I am no longer home, I’ve realized that the food I was eating had a huge impact on my health.

A year later, I am still a vegetarian and have seen tremendous results in my energy levels, skin and overall clarity. This journey has not always been easy. Temptation is everywhere and sometimes you may not always have a support system. Although you may have chosen to eat healthier, your friends, family or loved ones may not. So besides just complaining that they aren’t, here are a few tips to keep you being healthy when no one else around you is healthy.

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