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Article By Alicia Anderson:: Guest Blogger

Over the weekend, I saw Lifetime’s With This Ring.

Instantly, I identified with Trista, played by “Think Like A Man” actress Regina Hall. She woke up after a night of drinking, in bed with her ex.

She felt horrible for allowing a man who did her wrong to fornicate with her, again.

I know what it feels like to take that walk of shame.

The film, based on the bestselling book, “The Vow” by Angela Burt-Murray, Mitzi Miller and former New York Daily News reporter Denene Miller, took me back to the days I am not so proud to revisit. But I must talk about them for the sake of a struggling sister (or brother) who still might be there.

Once upon a time, I was notorious for making bad sexual choices and simply blaming it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol.

I wanted to be loved so badly that I had no self-respect.

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