Have you ever had a so called friend in your life start bringing you down? Or do you have a buddy that keeps getting you into trouble all the time? If so, maybe these individuals are not really your friends after all.

NFL Network analyst and former NFL player star, Jamie Dukes has written a book just for you and your “friends.” Dukes joined Roland Martin Thursday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss his E-book, “Beware of Frenemals.”

Dukes explained there are three types of “Frenemals” that we encounter in life.

  1. Family – Whether intentional or unintentional, family can enable dysfunctional behavior
  2. Fair-weather friends
  3. Friend that is the enemy on the inside

The former NFL offensive lineman also told Martin, The “Frenemal” voice can also manifest itself as an internal voice.  “It is a carnal thing, it wants what it wants and it doesn’t care about the consequences. There’s never any consequences for the inner voice. There’s consequences for us as individuals.”

“That’s why you’ll have that fifth, sixth, seventh drink and get in a car and drive home or pick up that young lady at the bar and have unprotected sex with her … that’s what that voice will do because it doesn’t care about the consequences.”

Listen to Martin and Jamie Dukes discuss his new E-book, “Beware of Frenemals” in the audio clip below. For more info and to purchase the book visit

Dukes also weighs in on Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch’s interaction with the media at the Super Bowl.

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