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H2O is probably one of the best liquids you can replenish your body with. Eight 8-ounce glasses is the daily recommendation, but do some people require more or less?

“Water is an essential nutrient for life. Despite numerous studies, there hasn’t been a consensus of the exact amount of water a person should consume,” says Angela Ginn, registered dietitian nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Baltimore, Maryland.

“The Institute of Medicine recommends 13 cups for men and nine cups for women. This recommendation may change based on your height, weight, activity level, and overall health … aiming for eight cups a day is a great start for everyone.”

There’s no doubt that proper hydration is important for the body. After all, water re-energizes the muscles, prevents tired and achy joints, and helps to eliminate toxins from the blood, just to name a few.

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