Thanksgiving Dinner At The Harvest In Cambridge

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

It’s stuffing. No, it’s dressing. I’ll stuff you! I’ll … dress you? That got weird.

One of the favorites – let’s face it, the favorite – on the traditional Thanksgiving meal table is delicious no matter what it’s called. It’s pretty flexible, too, as far as what goes in it. Assorted veggies, come on in. Fruits and nuts? What the hey. Sometimes meat, sometimes not. And oyster stuffing is awesome (thanks, mom!).

The difference in names is mostly regional. Northern U.S. folk tend go with “stuffing,” while the more genteel Southerners go with the gentle-sounding “dressing.”

Some call it stuffing when it’s stuffed in the bird and dressing when it’s cooked separately. But that makes way too much sense, so tell those medium-to-highfalutin’ know-it-alls to eat some green bean casserole and be quiet.

If this culinary civil war breaks out in the household this Turkey Day, be sure to switch the topic to something a bit less controversial. Like politics. Or religion.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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