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Pain, hurt and loss affect us to our core. We replay our painful experiences on a continuous loop in our minds.  We wish the outcome had been different–that he would have loved us more or that they wouldn’t have abused us.  But no matter how good we get at masking the pain, our wounds haven’t even begun to heal.

All that happened in your past was damaging, but it resides in the past. As we cling to feelings of being unworthy, unlovable or damaged, we invite experiences into our lives that mirror these negative self beliefs.

No matter what you try, the painful memories weigh you down.  But today this changes.   It is within your power to stop the destruction and change the stories in your head.

Use these 3 ways to acknowledge your pain and stop beating yourself up inside.

1. Overcome By Your Testimony

Tell the truth about what happened to you, it’s long overdue. Stop lying about the depth of your pain. Let your guard down to those you love.  Take off the masks you wear and be real–imperfections and all.

Your testimony about your past will break through that roadblock in your soul. Studies have shown that the more truth we tell the less mental stress and health problems we encounter.

The truth really will set you free.

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