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So maybe it’s just me, but whenever we talk about health and fitness, there are hour-long conversations and knee-deep articles about the right portion sizes, carbs, natural versus GMO, and almost everything under the sun. New fitness trends pop up quicker than waffles in the toaster, there’s another wrap, there’s a new fitness pill, and you know there’s always some hot new personal trainer on everyone’s Instagram page who’s so “inspiring”.

There even an oddly-growing trend of body modification and surgery (which we need to discuss more because this is getting out of hand). With all this talk of health going around, I feel as though people forget about something so simple, yet very helpful to our health. Let’s talk about vitamins, shall we?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, vitamins are organic compounds and essential nutrients needed for the body. It helps the body develop and grow normally. While some get vitamins from the foods they eat, most people don’t get enough vitamins due to dietary restrictions or just from poor eating habits. This is where the availability of vitamin tablets and supplements come into play. They’re available everywhere and can help with a lot of common health issues.

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