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I have two older cousins who have been boxing since we were kids, and not only do they love it, but they’re amazing at it. In my young mind, I never understood why anyone would want to participate in a sport that; it was so violent. It wasn’t until recently, when I found myself exploring everything the fitness industry had to offer, that I understood.

Boxing is so much more than we see in the ring and on pay-per-view. It is more than the blood, the beatings, and the biting of human flesh. Besides the physical benefits that boxing has to offer, it teaches confidence, discipline, humility, patience, and discernment. I’ve taken a couple boxing classes and have had one-on-one training in the past, and although it’s been a while, I am familiar with the feeling that boxing can bring to its athletes. This week I decided to throw myself back in and try a few different classes.

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