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Depending on how your last winter went you may find yourself pregnant over the summer. I know everyone seems to think this is the worst thing ever, and don’t get me wrong it can suck, but it might not be as bad as you might think. There are for sure a lot of perks to being with child over the summer. Here are six of em!

1. The dress code is a lot more forgiving

As your belly (and everything else) expands, wearing certain outfits can be a struggle. In cold weather, you are tasked with finding boots, pants, sweaters, and coats that will cover your new body and growing bump.

Even though lots of retailers create cute maternity wear for every season, some of this can be pricey. In the summer all of these problems are solved by flowy dresses and skirts.

Many A-line and T-shirt dresses can be worn as maternity dresses without costing extra money and with the added benefit of being able to wear them again post-baby! I just picked up a few of these dresses from Old Navy for $8 and they are perfect for covering baby pumps and food babies! No judgment here girl, my summer body wasn’t ready either.

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