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Okay, it’s March and you’re thinking about how you fell off the resolution wagon, right? You were getting your workouts in and eating healthy and now you’re wondering how did I let this happen?

Well, have no fear, new year, new you right? It’s time to make a list of your new goals (I don’t believe in resolutions as they tend to put pressure on people if they don’t stick to them) to get back on track.

Here’s how you can start:

Make a list of what your goals are for the year. Make them attainable. Start with one or two. Remember, the key is not to put any unnecessary pressure on yourself. If your goal is to lose weight, workout more or be more active, eat healthier, get more sleep, have more quality time for yourself, family, stop smoking, etc. start with one but no more than two. The list can start to become a bit overwhelming.

1. Start to focus on eating healthy. Work on your meal preparation for the week. Meal prep is essential to be successful regardless of one’s goals. Create your menu for the week. Prepare a list of the groceries needed and go shopping. Pick a day during the week, for me it’s a Sunday and prepare your meals. This will help eliminate skipping meals or eating the wrong foods

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