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Every January since 2010, US News and World Report releases its annual assessment of the year’s best diets. For the second consecutive year, the Mediterranean Diet ranked as the No. 1 best diet overall and the best diet for diabetes.

The Mediterranean diet includes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, bread, other forms of cereals, beans, nuts, seeds, and minimally processed, seasonally fresh and locally grown foods. Olive oil is the primary source of fat; yogurt and cheese are eaten in low to moderate amounts. Individuals who follow the diet eat red meat infrequently and in small quantities, and typically consume moderate amounts of wine with meals.

The Mediterranean style of eating is associated with the prevention and management of diabetes and its complications. This is good news for the majority of individuals with type 2 diabetes who are likely to have at least one additional chronic condition, such as high blood pressure, overweight, or obesity, elevated cholesterol levels and heart disease.

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