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I think I hit a record this year! I’ve been invited to so many holiday parties, I am going to have to Rent The Runway and raid some of my fashionista friends’ closets. But lets be clear, “what to wear” is the least of my worries.

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I am more concerned about what I will be “able to wear” after spreading all this holiday cheer. You too? Well don’t fret my fellow FitGirl party starter, I am confident these tips will helps us enjoy every holiday party we attend without sacrificing our hard work and hard bodies.

1. Just Say No

For many people (especially women) it is hard to say no. Especially when the request is out of kindness and/or you suffer from FOMO. However, if your popularity is bound to stress you out this holiday season I recommend you just say no sis. Decide what parties and events are worth attending and then commit to being your fabulous self at the ones you really care about.

There’s nothing worse than feeling obligated to party hop on a Saturday night. So give yourself some wiggle room and RSVP “maybe” to the second party of the night, that way if or if not the spirit hits you, you can roll with your final decision sans guilt.

2. Show Up Loaded

On food that is. Famished party starters tend to eat more and are less likely to enjoy the other non food related elements of the party. So do yourself a solid this year and have a solid snack or small meal before slipping into those bedazzled pumps. That way when you show up, you can show out without worrying about if your back zipper may unzip.

Almonds and a fresh pressed veggie/fruit juice are my go to’s nowadays. The protein in the almonds fills me right up and the fruits and vegetable medley of the juice helps me get my daily allowance in in just a couple of gulps.

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