Actress, comedian and Oscar winner Mo’Nique has lost over 80 pounds but she’s still a big girl, in her head at least. She’s looking great these days, showing lots of pics of her routine via her Twitter and even impressing Tom Joyner, who says she looked great in person when she sat in with the crew this morning.

Mo’Nique says she’s committed to fitness and has been going hard for a while now.

“We’re putting the work in. It’s been five years now and we’re still going strong. We’re working out today at 12 noon. We are doing it five days a week,” Mo’Nique says. Despite her current weight, she did once write a book called Skinny Women Are Evil. Has her mindset changed now that she’s thinner?

“I aint change my mind. I’m still standing strong. They tried to gang up on me – Dominique talking about ‘You said’….I am still a big woman. I am still 200 pounds. That’s still considered a big woman in this country. Now if I was over in Africa, I might think differently. But in this country, I’m a big gal. High five, Dominique, pow!”

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